Sample Bot - NotificationBot for Twilio and Cisco Spark

Check out this sample bot that shows off several of both the Twilio and Cisco Spark API methods.

NotificationBot Header

About NotificationBot

NotificationBot is a sample bot written for both Twilio and Spark and is capable of automatically managing subscriptions through either service. With one click, you can seamlessly send messages to users who have subscribed to either service, or both.

NotificationBot can show you how to integrate webhooks and endpoints for very different services in a cross-platform manner so that you can reach a wider audience by supporting more chat platforms with the same bot.

Using Glitch, you'll be able to easily clone NotificationBot's code, host NotificationBot inside Glitch (no need for local config!), and get a working copy in minutes! You can also view NotificationBot's source code on GitHub.

NotificationBot Conversation

To test out NotificationBot and see how you can apply its concepts to your own code, head over to the front-end webpage, click on the "Connect over" buttons and follow the instructions. You can send notifications to users as the administrator from the Notification console and view/remove users from the Users console.

NotificationBot Features

NotificationBot showcases several features of a modern conversational bot, including built-in multi-platform support.

  • Multi-Platform Support
    • NotificationBot can help you understand how to use principles of platform-agnostic and modular programming to rapidly develop a bot that can reach many, many more users by not locking itself down to one platform
    • Look into the code of twilio-chatbot.js and ciscospark-chatbot.js if you want to understand the simple modular interface learn how you can empower your own bot with multiple chat sources.
  • Simple User Information System
    • NotificationBot gathers basic user information that chat platforms provide and present it in an easy-to-administer webview that combines users from all platforms into one master list.

Setting up your own NotificationBot

Thanks to the awesome tool that is Glitch, setting up your own NotificationBot is as easy as clicking the Remix on Glitch button below.

Remix on Glitch

Once you've opened up this link, you'll be taken to a more detailed explanation of how to set up your new NotificationBot. At the top of the page, you'll see a button that says Remix This 🎤. From here, you can follow the that's included in NotificationBot's code to get everything set up.

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