Sample Bot - HelpDesk Bot a.k.a. "BugBot"

Check out this sample bot that shows off several of Cisco Spark API methods, and leverages AI functionality from

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About BugBot

BugBot is a sample bot written for Cisco Spark, that exemplifies several of Spark's functions. It's a great example of how a bot that is focused on conversational UI works, and shows how easy it is to load in's AI functionality.

Using Glitch, you'll be able to easily clone BugBot's code, host BugBot inside Glitch (no need for local config!), and get a working copy in minutes! You can also view BugBot's source code on Github.

BugBot Preview Convo

Feel free to try out BugBot on your own, by sending it a message on Spark! BugBot's sparkbot name is

BugBot Features

BugBot showcases several features of a modern conversational bot, including's AI middleware.

  • Tracked Conversations
    • BugBot can easily follow a conversation as it natuarlly evolves. It keeps track of any tickets that are in the context of the conversation you are in, and allows persistent conversations to last over several days
  • Contextual Intent
    • BugBot will recognize the intent of the user, using's middleware. In, BugBot has been trained to recognize intent of things such as priority, and identify common words a user may use to identify the priority of the ticket the user is attempting to open.
  • Emotion and Human-like Characteristics
    • Using, BugBot is able to answer questions that don't necessarily pertain to opening a ticket. BugBot is also able to respond with a myriad of responses to any given programmed response. These two in tandem give Bogbot a more human-like interface
  • Reduced Interactions with Recognized Intent
    • While BugBot is trying to get more information about your bug, BugBot can easily recognize if you've already mentioned key things its looking for. If you've mentioned how urgent your ticket is, there's no reason to ask again. BugBot intelligently identifies these intents, and thus reduces the number of interactions it takes to file your bug report.

Setting up your own BugBot

Thanks to the awesome tool that is Glitch, setting your own BugBot is as easy as clicking the Remix on Glitch button below.

Remix on Glitch

Once you've opened up this link, you'll be taken to a more detailed explanation of how to set up your new BugBot. At the top of the page, you'll see a button that says Remix This 🎤. From here, you can follow the Read Me that's included in BugBot's code to get everything set up.

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