The following guide covers the steps for publishing a Slack app. A Slack team and associated account are required to work with, please follow the instructions below to complete these steps.

Create an account

For testing purposes, we encourage you to create your own Slack account and team:

Register an App

Once you've created a Slack account, head to to learn about the Slack API. When ready, you can create a Slack application here:

Create a new Slack App

Once you've chosen your App name and selected a Development team, Slack provides both credentials and editable details for each app.

Note: To see the list of all bots your team owns, go to

Connect to the API

Slack allows developers to test any method directly in their documentation at

Specifically, you can test the API method that sends a message into your Slack account here:

Explore other methods to get a better sense of Slack's API and its capabilities.

App Directory

The Slack App directory contains hundreds of apps and services to help users get the most out of their workday. Explore the Directory at

Submit to the App Directory

Make sure to review the following pages:

  1. Slack App Directory Checklist
  2. Guidelines for Submitting to the Slack App Directory
  3. Brand Guidelines for Slack

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