Atlassian HipChat


The following guide covers the steps for publishing an Atlassian HipChat add-on. An Atlassian Marketplace account is required to deploy bots through

Create an account

  1. Create a HipChat account at
  2. Create a team: The format is

Register an App

  1. Head over to to create an app (HipChat refers to them as 'integrations'.)
  2. Create a new integration by clicking 'Build your own integration' or visiting Note: HipChat currently only supports Room specific integrations (not Global).
  3. In the integration flow, you'll be asked to name your Integration

Connect to the API

Once the app registration steps are complete, HipChat provides you with the following details: Register an app

Using POSTMAN or the command line, use these details to test the connection:

Sending notifications to a specific room

Sample API Call

curl -d '{"color":"green","message":"My first notification (yey)","notify":false,"message_format":"text"}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Confirm that you've received a response in the HipChat app to continue forward.

Slash commands (optional)

HipChat supports slash commands in this process. Select Add a command and provide the following details:

  • Slash command name
  • POST URL destination

App Directory

  1. The first step is to create an Atlassian account:
  2. Next, create your Vendor profile:
  3. Follow the steps to create an add-on:

To create an add-on, the following details are required:

  • Vendor: Use the Vendor profile you created
  • Upload your add-on: Select Provide a URL to your artifact (.jar, .obr, .jwb or JSON descriptor) (docs)
  • Add-on URL: Use the Descriptor URL provided by when setting up your bot
  • Name: A descriptive name for your add-on in 40 characters max

The HipChat Integrations page showcases integrations and bots available for HipChat.

HipChat Integrations

Submit to the App Directory

The overall requirements for being listed in the Atlassian Marketplace are outlined here:

Follow those instructions and you'll provide the following details:

Application details

Have the following details ready for submitting to the Atlassian Marketplace:

Parameter Details Notes Required?
Name Descriptive name of the add-on 40 characters max
Tagline A short phrase that summarizes what the add-on does 130 characters max
Summary Summarize the add-on's functionality 250 characters max
More details List awards, testimonials, languages, etc 1000 characters max
Google Analytics ID Add a Google Analytics Account ID for tracking visitors
Logo Unique logo for your add-on 144 x 144 in PNG or JPG format
Banner High resolution banner for your add-on 1120 x 548 in PNG or JPG format
Youtube ID The ID of a YouTube video explaining the features of your add-on
Highlight Title Highlight your add-on's key features
Release Date A date to release this version of your add-on
Version number Your add-on's version number Should match atlassian-plugin.xml descriptor file
Build number A unique build number for your add-on
Compatible application Which version(s) of Atlassian products your add-on is compatible with
Category Categories for your add-on's use case
Documentation A URL where users can find your add-on's documentation
License Your add-on's applicable license type
Source code license agreement URL A URL to access your add-on's source code license agreement governs how your source code is used
EULA Additional EULA for additional terms of use agreement.
Data security and privacy statement URL
Add-on version officially supported Yes/No

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