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The following guide covers the steps for signing up as a Cisco Spark developer. A Spark developer account is required to deploy bots through

Create an account

  1. To interact with the Cisco Spark developer platform, make sure to create an account at
  2. Once you've registered an account, you can head back over to to continue the setup steps.

Register an App

Once you've created an account, go to the My Apps page and create a new app:

To register an app, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Display name: name users will communicate with after adding your bot to a room
  • Bot username: username users will use to add your bot to a room. Cannot be changed later.
  • Bot icon: 512px square example icon

Connect to the API

Once the app is registered, Cisco Spark will provide an access token. Note: Save these details as they disappear after you leave the page.

Spark access token

Using POSTMAN or the command line, run the following test API call:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization:Bearer {{ACCESS_TOKEN}}" --data "toPersonId=722bb271-d7ca-4bce-a9e3-471e4412fa77" --data "text=Hi%20Sparky"

You should get a response from Spark that includes the message ID of the message you just sent and the room ID you sent it to. Now you can continue building your application.

App Directory

The Cisco Spark Depot showcases integrations and bots that can be activated inside Cisco Spark.

Cisco Spark Depot

Submit to the App Directory

The overall requirements for being listed in the Cisco Spark Depot are outlined here:

Application details

Have the following details ready for submitting to the Cisco Spark Depot:

Parameter Details Notes Required?
Application name 75 characters max User facing
App type Integration or Bot Select Bots as the App type
App ID From Copy and paste the ID from the URL when you edit your App
Category 2 categories max Productivity, Tools, Enterprise, Customer Relations, etc
Bot Email ID Mandatory for bots The email from the Spark developer account
Tagline 100 characters max
Detailed description 1000 charactersmax Only bullets and link markdown supported.
Logo URL 512px square image - must provide CDN URL
Developer website URL User facing
Company name Text
Contact name Text Cisco internal use only
Contact email Email Cisco internal use only
Developer support URL User facing URL for receiving support issues
Privacy policy URL Public URL of your company's privacy Policy
Demo accounts / info Text field Test accounts/details for Cisco Spark team to review
Screenshot 1 URL link to 300px to 900px square image via CDN URL
Screenshot 2 URL link to 300px to 900px square image via CDN URL
Screenshot 3 URL link to 300px to 900px square image via CDN URL
Video URL Youtube and Vimeo links are supported
File attachments Uploads Additional docs/video/testing info  

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