Getting Started with


With, app developers can take existing chat applications and bring them to new enterprise chat platforms. Our API enables real time translation of methods, events, formatting, and additional messaging features.

Specifically, here's a quick run through of how enables cross platform apps:

How it works

Steps to go cross platform with

  1. Developer replaces app endpoint with API
  2. Confirm API tokens to authenticate messages
  3. Provision and deploy chat apps on enterprise platforms with

Supported platforms:

  •  Cisco Spark
  •  HipChat
  •  Hangouts
  •  Microsoft Teams
  •  Slack
  •  Twilio

What's the opportunity?

🛫 Reach

Scale your app's reach and increase retention with your customers by deploying on more enterprise platforms.

📈 Efficiency

Go to market quickly by deploying on every chat platform on day 1 without additional resources.

🌏 Community

Deploy your app in a community of platforms and developers alongside you, dedicated to understand which features and guidance you need.

Use cases

  • Slack bot for employee enagement doubles their customer base by deploying to Cisco Spark and HipChat
  • A phone based Twilio app transforms into a chat application on Slack and Google Hangouts
  • Developers on the HipChat platform can extend their Atlassian connect products to other platforms with
  • A business travel app quickly launches their go-to-market plan across all the major chat platforms
  • A SaaS product has smart notification for where their customers are engaging daily

Next steps

Enterprise platforms

Quickly sign up for access to the enterprise chat platforms. Learn more »

API Translation

Follow our step by step guides for getting up and running with and deploying your app cross platform. Learn more »


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