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With, app developers can take existing chat applications and bring them to new enterprise chat platforms. Our API enables real time translation of methods, events, formatting, and additional messaging features.

Specifically, here's a quick run through of how enables cross platform apps:

How it works

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Enterprise platforms works closely with the top Enterprise platforms customers are using every day in the workplace.

The following guides explain setup and API testing with the following platforms:

API Translation

Our API translation product enables chat application to deploy to the top Enterprise chat platforms.

The following guides show how to connect your app with


Wondering what the best way to implement a bot might be? Check out some of our recommendations.

We've created a collection of starter apps and chat bots to help walk you through the core functionality found in each of the platforms.

📄🤖 Conference Bot

Attendees for conferences often have many questions. The ConferenceBot is a conversational app that tackles those need-to-know details for an upcoming event.

💻🤖 HelpDesk Bot

The printer is out of toner! No worries, with Helpdesk bot - fill our a simple chat conversation that converts into a ticket for a backend. Learn the basics of processing issues in real time, making them actionable.

🔔🤖 Notification Bot

Engaging customers over time becomes difficult. This notification bot demonstrates sending periodic prompts to a user over several chat platforms.

💰🤖 StockBot

StockBot is a conversational app built for Slack, supporting both real time chat and slash commands. Users can quickly look up Stock prices based on the ticker and receive the associated details in realtime.

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